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We are a website design, development, & SEO company located in Minneapolis, MN. 

We offer custom website designs, website editing solutions, mobile sites, e-commerce, SEO, business marketing & branding.

Custom Website Design

We design websites to not only make a professional appearence, but to get results. Using proven design, layout and creativity techniques, we get viewers to take action.

Track Online Visitors

We have the tools to track visitors and their behaviors so that you can learn what is and isn't working when it comes to converting visitors to sales.

Edit Your Website

We specialize in helping our clients take control of their website after we build it. We offer personal training sessions, phone & email support.

Marketing Plan

We offer more than website design. We also can help you with a realistic marketing plan for your business. Some of our packages even include the creation of marketing materials.

Search Engine Optimization

We know the tips 'n tricks of optimizing your website to get found on search engines. Every website that we do already includes the optimization needed to get noticed.

Save Money

We know the value of a dollar when it comes to small business. Our goal is to find you a solution that fits within your budget while getting you the results you are looking for.

We have a 99% retention rate with our clients, check out what they have to say!


Phoenix Web Design was refreshing to work with. They understood our needs and was able to execute everything in a timely manner. I appreciate the relationship we have developed.  --- Katie, NiteGuard LLC in Princeton, MN

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What we've been up to...

By Christy Huisenga, President

We had originally created Select Eyecare's website about three years ago. As design, programming, mobile technologies and search engine optimization advances - things change! Select decided to get a new site following these new guidlines, including a full mobile version. 

This site comes complete with coupons, click-to-call buttons and interactive Google maps.

By Christy Huisenga, President

Vantage Point had an outdated website that was small and still used Flash. This modern new look, combined with the LiveEdit CMS technology is the perfect fit for what they were looking for!

Vantage Point Partners website 

By Christy Huisenga, President

Congratulations to our friend Roger Kruse and his ROYAL family as he was elected for Boreas Rex 78 for this year's St. Paul Winter Carnival! To start the year off right ... he wanted to create a website that will make it possible for people to become a volunteer quickly and easily, check it out!


By Christy Huisenga, President

We can do that for you! Do you need to show how much your clients could be saving? Or have them add up a cost of service to get themselves a quote? An online calculator can help SELL your services! It can also help viewers to keep coming back to your site which also helps your site to be ranked higher on search engines. Got an idea for a calculator for your business? Contact us so we can do it for you! 800.615.1230 or onlinecalculators@pwd-mn.com

By Christy Huisenga, President

Martin Mattress was looking for a much more visual site and organized website to help sell their products. They also were looking for search engine optimization help to get better ranked on search engines. We optimized the site for the top search terms based on their target market, they were ranked at the top within days.

Some of the top features of this website is the illustrations, map and the lead generating forms on each page encouraging viewers to give contact information to convert the viewer to lead. 

By Christy Huisenga, President

We are officially announcing today that we are rolling out brand new SEO packages! This is exciting news for our current and new clients! We've always (and will continue to do so) optimize every website we do. I still feel that it's the web professional's job to do this while building the site. However, with the online competition on the rise, many companies may need an extra boost. Or if they are coming up on the top of Google already, they may have a need for more marketing tools - like social media, blogging & e-newsletter help. Also another new marketing tool is "SMS Marketing" which is sending out ads, coupons or announcements on cell phones, which is proven to be a very effective strategy. These are all services that we can now offer. Call 800.615.1230 to learn more! We'd love to set up a free consultation. 


By Christy Huisenga, President

Mill City Tec had a great start with a design they already created by a talented graphic designer on staff. They just had one problem - they needed to turn it into a website and be able to edit it. Dreamweaver would of been much too complex to create and maintain regularly. They needed another option. That's when they found us. We converted their already designed website into html and put it in our innovative CMS solution, LiveEdit. Now not only is it a fully functional html website, but their staff is able to easily keep it up to date with fresh content.


By Christy Huisenga, President

Minnesota Farmers Union needed a new refreshed and modern look for their website. We offered a variety of different designs to them to give them some different options to decide from. To make sure we got it just how they were envisioning, we conducted a final design meeting where we edited the design on location before their eyes to make sure they were completely happy with the site. We also programmed the site the exact way they wanted it to function. We included our LiveEdit CMS so that the staff can write blogs that get automatically updated to the site, post ads and edit content freely and easily. We also included a custom shopping cart that works with the wide variety of items available on the site including coffee, membership and event registrations.




By Christy Huisenga, President

Little Emma Lee Huisenga was born early on September 21, 2013. She weighed 5lbs 1oz and was 19in long. Christy is now juggling running the business and taking care of her little one at home. Even though it's no easy task - all projects are continuing to run smoothing thanks to her amazing team. "Even though I've finally started a family as I always hoped I would, business is still continuing to run great and there are no plans on changing anything with it." says Christy. "We have an amazingly talented team and I look forward to our future!"

By Christy Huisenga, President


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